How to Include Cybersecurity Training in Employee Onboarding

December 13, 2021

By Jeff Gamet, Security Intelligence 

Bringing new employees up to speed on company policies and procedures, or employee onboarding, is standard practice. The process covers topics like what’s expected in daily work, proper communication channels and vacation and sick leave policies. In well-prepared companies, it also includes extensive cybersecurity training. Quality employee cybersecurity training, along with ongoing training for existing employees, plays a big role in keeping your company’s data, software and other digital assets safe.

Cybersecurity best practices training for employees is a lot like teaching children about personal hygiene. Knowing you’re expected to brush your teeth, for example, tends to be easier when you understand why it’s so important. For your teeth, it’s about preventing cavities and keeping a healthy mouth. For cybersecurity, it’s about maintaining the health and security of your company data and protecting customer and employee privacy.

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